TESLIN RIVER - Johnson's Crossing to Carmacks

TeslincoverVery desirable for its almost untouched wilderness, excellent fishing and beautiful scenery, this tributary of the Yukon River also offers a spattering of historical remains influenced by the ever present search for gold in the north. Approximately one week will permit a paddling canoeist to travel from Johnson's Crossing to Carmacks on the Yukon River. No serious impediments to navigation are encountered allowing even an amateur, using common sense, to travel its length. Distance from Johnson's Crossing to its confluence with the Yukon River at Hootalinqua, is about 200 kilometers (125 miles). From here to Carmacks, on the Yukon River, is another 177 kilometers (110 miles).  Attention:  A recent slide on the left limit at Henry Island (about M109.5/Km176) has significantly altered the channel and is in the process of cutting away the island. Sweepers and other debris may be encountered in the area as well as possibly new gravel/sand bars. There will be an update in the spring.

The maps are at an approximate scale of 1:65,000 and include current and historic site names, details of all river impediments, geographic identifiers, possible campsite locations, and GPS coordinates on every page. This publication also includes the history of the river (including the Yukon River portion), a detailed description of the river itself, suggestions for equipment and a detailed bibliography for further reading for history buffs.


Updated 2010, 48 pictures
81 pages $11.95

Download the Teslin River sample map page



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